Mercedes Jelinek-Photobooth

Mercedes Jelinek is a photographer that focuses on portraits. Most of them are black and white, then they kinda of remind me of Richard Avedon’s in a way, because they can often be gritty, and she is just trying to capture a moment that depicts who they are. The cool thing with Mercedes that she sets up these photo booths, nothing fancy like Avedon’s, just a simple cloth backdrop and she encourages strangers to let her take their portrait. She also gives them their pictures on the spot. She has a video of the process that I think is really neat to watch, because when you are working with strangers, you really need to have a good rapport with your subjects. I think thats the part that always gets me, and always makes me nervous. I never know what to say… I absolutely love portrait photography, so if I was ever to really focus oh photography, that is definitely something that I would need to work on. Oddly enough, I don’t have a problem making small talk, or asking random people to take photos, but in the back of my mind, I’m always thinking whats next. I know that we need to do our own photo booth for class, and I’m kinda curious to see how that turns out, because it can be kind of nerve racking for the photographer, but also for the subject as well…. pose for me!


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